AFTER hanging by a thread for many weeks, Swindon’s play-off hopes were finally cut after an Easter to forget.

Not only did Town taste defeat twice in four days, but they also managed to do it with some extra humiliation thrown in for good measure.

Friday evening’s 4-1 home defeat to Wigan Athletic was, at times, hard to watch, as over a 10-minute spell in the second half, Town’s backline vanished, allowing the away side to put the game beyond doubt.

Despite such a heavy home defeat, you could appreciate Swindon had just faced the best side in League One by a country mile, a side with a Championship-sized budget who won’t be in the third tier for much longer.

However, that’s something you can’t label Easter Monday’s opponents Scunthorpe United – a decent side but a team that wouldn’t cause Luke Williams' squad much damage if they were up for the fight.

But it seemed some of the squad had surrendered early on as Swindon were humiliated 6-0 at Glanford Park, the club’s biggest defeat in over a decade.

As Town left the pitch on Friday evening after their defeat, thousands of people clapped them off. Those people could recognise the players didn’t give up until the final whistle, and were simply outplayed by a much better side on the day.

I understand playing twice in four days in the modern game is tough for any professional and the loss a few days earlier had ended the club’s play-off ambitions, but those players should still have some professional pride and want to finish as high as possible.

If we see anymore passionless, lacklustre displays from certain players over the coming weeks, they shouldn’t be allowed near the first team.

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