THOSE in attendance at the County Ground witnessed just 60 minutes of football as the much-anticipated visit of Bristol Rovers came to a abrupt halt on Saturday.

A deluge overwhelmed the pitch, as the dugout became a lake, the Don Rogers Stand steps turned into a water feature and mini rivers sprung up around the ground, surrounding the pitch on all sides.

Before that, Yaser Kasim once again ran the show from midfield, looking somewhat close to his best from a couple of seasons ago.

Hopefully by the time you read this he’s still a Town player On Tuesday, Swindon announced the rescheduled date for the Rovers game would be September 20, but also that both sets of fans would have to buy tickets for a second time and wouldn’t receive any refunds.

Those who haven’t got a season ticket will have to shell out a total of £50 to watch a League One game, despite being told by the club on Saturday afternoon that their ticket stub would gain them re-entry to the rearranged fixture.

The situation is a complete embarrassment. I understand the costs of staging this fixture are high due to the heavy police presence needed, but you don’t punish your loyal fan base for the costs of running a match day.

If on Tuesday the club announced people who retained their ticket stub could either be refunded, or would entitle you to 50 per cent off for the new fixture date, it would be a fair compromise for both the club, who face some unexpected bills, and the fans.

You would then be likely to see a big crowd and a great atmosphere for one of the games of the season.

Instead the club may be lucky to get 5,000 fans turn up.

Hopefully over the next few days, the hierarchy will realise their mistake because with this move they completely detach themselves and lose the respect of many fans.

FINALLY, on a personal note, I’d like to pay tribute to Ivan Sawyer (1934 – 2016).

Ivan was a man whose dedication to God and his son, Jesus Christ will forever be an inspiration and lesson for myself and many others, it was a privilege to have known him and call him my friend. See you again.

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