LAST weekend Swindon started to dispel some lingering fan fears after the recent derby horror shows with a victory over Oldham.

However, three days later they managed to dampen any new found hope.

On Saturday, at Boundary Park, Town came up against a terrible Oldham side and did the job they needed to do.

That should’ve resulted in bringing back belief to the County Ground on Tuesday and out perform Northampton.

But once again we witnessed the opposite. Town looked ponderous in possession and lacked the energy and drive needed to beat the better sides - especially in midfield.

After starting the season in superb form, Yaser Kasim hasn’t resembled the same player.

The biggest positive to come from Tuesday’s defeat was the return of Sean Murray. His arrival at half time gave Town the spark they were missing and he fully deserved his goal.

When you look at Town’s squad as it stands, it’s a talented bunch of players, and at times in midweek you could see that quality shine through.

However, the players seem fragile with the mental side of the game, as they switch off at key times.

On Tuesday night, John Goddard went down thinking he should’ve won a free-kick, but it wasn’t given and around four Town players stopped waiting for the whistle to go. Play continued and Northampton made it 3-1.

This squad of players is too good to be relegated on talent alone, and we shouldn’t be worried about a fight at the bottom of the table.

However, this all depends if they can learn from their mistakes and if Luke Williams can lead them the way he should this season.

I said last week that Williams should be given time in his job, and I still hold that belief.

He’s a talented coach and the thought of Lee Power sacking Williams is unrealistic.

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