WHILST sat in the Town End flicking through the programme at half-time last Saturday, I was almost certain Town would be following up their impressive showing at Bolton with a home win over Peterborough.

All four of the new recruits enjoyed a good first half, with Ben Gladwin and Charlie Colkett running the midfield, Islam Feruz adding some much-needed pace up front, and left-back Fankaty Dabo showing why he has a big future ahead of him.

Right from the outset you could tell Dabo has the whole package as he put in a superb display at the back, no doubt he will be a big talent in the Premier League one day.

It’s also clear to see Colkett has tremendous ability. Bristol Rovers must be kicking themselves to let a player like Colkett slip through their fingers.

But Town started the second half slowly and the visitors scored the only goal of the game just a minute into the second half. The most disappointing aspect of the afternoon was the total non-response from the 11 men on the pitch.

The side that came from behind to beat the potential league champions away last weekend never looked like putting in an appearance and couldn’t even manage a single shot on goal.

Town’s ability to find the back of the net this season has been the worst I’ve seen in many years. Luke Norris being the top goalscorer with four goals in late January tells the whole story.

Is it a case of bad recruitment in that position? Or are the strikers underperforming?

With Jonathan Obika consistently picking up injuries, the club can’t rely on him, and despite Norris’ form improving in recent weeks we can’t trust him to lead the line for the rest of the season.

Jermaine Hylton is a perplexing case. He has some real natural talent as a striker, he has superb pace and can cause havoc for the opposition, but his scoring ratio at Town is woeful. I would put that down to lack of consistent games.

Feruz looks good but I’m not holding my breath that he’s the answer.

Chairman Lee Power needs to address it in this transfer window.

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