TOWN’S disastrous season hit another new low this week as Luke Williams’ side suffered their fifth straight defeat, making it just one win since November 26.

The situation surrounding the appointment of Tim Sherwood took a strange twist on Saturday as Luke Williams confirmed in an interview Sherwood has no more managerial roles and is now just in control of transfers.

Ever since Sherwood arrived at Town last November, it’s never seemed like fans were told the full story – Lee Power confirmed in an interview midweek that his appointment is ‘absolutely an old pal’s act’.

Swindon Town deserve better than someone who’s just there to do his mate a favour. All the former high-profile names that enjoyed a spell at Town were fully immersed in the club and it doesn’t matter if he’s director of football or the manager – our club deserves his full attention.

Sherwood’s absence from the Oxford game still hasn’t been fully explained as Lee Power said he was ‘doing some football business’ that particular day.

What other business outside a transfer window could be more important than your club’s biggest home game of the season?

Lost in this whole farce somewhere is our head coach Luke Williams, who I have an element of sympathy for as he’s been undermined since the arrival of Sherwood.

But despite this, his ability must be called into question, especially following the recent derby day defeats.

The action on the pitch has continued to be predictable for the opposition, but with his position almost certainly safe due to his long contract, we know nothing will change – it’s all down to whether the players can find some personal pride in their performances and help the club survive this season.

We’ve got to be thankful we have a superb goalkeeper in Lawrence Vigouroux, who has consistently saved Town’s blushes this season.

I can’t think of a season where the player-of-the-season award has been sewn up so early.

Let’s hope Town can finally put on a decent performance this weekend against fellow strugglers Oldham.

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