NOW that’s more like it.

A much quicker tempo, a proper defensive midfielder, two strikers who are able to find the back of the net, and best of all, a much higher work rate from every single player.

On Tuesday evening, Town finally ended their awful run of results at the County Ground with a dominant 3-1 League One win over Gillingham, 14 weeks after our last home win against Bradford City.

The biggest difference over the past week has been the inclusion of loanee Rohan Ince.

As I said last week, he’s someone that we’ve been missing all season.

Whether it’s his ability to win back the ball, get stuck into players or find the right pass, he’s been magic to watch.

Along with Ince improving the midfield, QPR loanee Ben Gladwin has turned out performances that are nearly harking back to his best days a couple of years ago.

Whether he’s attacking the space through the middle or out wide, he’s a juggernaut of a player.

If Town are to survive this season, we need him performing week in, week out and not go missing for a few games, which is he’s liable to do if things aren’t going his way.

Charlie Colkett is also starting to look like the player we all hoped we’d signed in January, providing assists and creating many chances for the front two, a real joy to watch when on song.

After stinking up the County Ground a couple of weeks ago, both Nicky Ajose and Jonathan Obika looked vaguely similar to the strikers we all know and love, especially Obika’s goals over the past two games.

His header at Coventry on Saturday was something we’ve not really seen from him this season, a predatory fox-in-the-box style finish, and his superb run finished off with a blockbuster goal.

It wasn’t all perfect, with old defensive issues creeping in again with the goals conceded but that’s nitpicking on a hugely encouraging week from Town.

The important fixtures don’t stop as 23rd-placed Chesterfield visit the County Ground this weekend, another must-win game for Luke Williams’ side, especially with some much tougher opponents coming up from the middle of this month.

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