Swindon based Richmond Fellowship WorkLife is celebrating the success of it’s recent ‘Managing Workplace Stress’ training event for line managers which took place at the Menzies Swindon Hotel on 21st June.

Over 50 representatives of employers took part in the workshop designed to support line managers in facing situations in the workplace which involve stress and mental health. It was organised by the Swindon Mindful Employer Network.

Richmond Fellowship Work Life trainers Adrian Embling and Lisa Monis were delighted with the interest displayed by Swindon businesses. Richmond Fellowship Work Life helps employees facing the trauma, fear and anxiety of stress in the workplace. They also provide advice to employers dealing with these important issues.

“What is really encouraging was not just the numbers who came along – but the different sectors and sizes of the employers which were represented.

I believe Swindon companies do appreciate the importance of dealing with mental health issues among their staff in a professional and sympathetic manner. We reiterated the need for good communication and management skills when supporting colleagues with stress back into the workplace,” said Adrian Embling who is Senior Employment Advisor at RF Work Life.

“I think employers also understand that in the current very uncertain economic conditions there will be an increase in mental health problems associated with work. There is a duty of care on businesses to provide a supportive climate while maintaining the balance between operational pressures and employee well-being.”

David Latham project leader of the successful Swindon Mindful Employer Network at Richmond Fellowship says: “Adrian and Lisa’s experience in helping employees suffering from stress back into their workplaces gives them an added gravitas when providing training to Swindon employers. They are dealing with hundreds of such cases per year and the experience is invaluable. This is very good news that they are sharing this knowledge with local employers.”

Hiren Varvadekar, General Manager of the Menzies Swindon Hotel, where the recent training event was held, commented: “The training event opened my eyes to the whole area of supporting staff going through a difficult period of stress or mental health issues. Some knowledge of this increasingly important area is vital to businesses which need to attract and hold on to experienced hard working people during difficult economic conditions. We look forward to working with the Swindon Mindful Employer Network and Richmond Fellowship Work Life again in the near future.”

The event ‘Managing Workplace Stress – training for line managers’ was free of charge to local employers and featured BBC Wiltshire’s Mark Jones who made a special guest appearance at the end of the event.

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