WITH 2015 coming to an end in a few weeks its time to take a look back at the key moments from the year, the good, the bad and the ugly.

In typical Swindon fashion it’s not been a straightforward year, as we’ve watched the club earn the chance to move up to the second tier of English football, and witnessed a twelve game winless run resulting in a change of manager.

We’ll take a look back by listing the six most important games, and how they defined 2015.

12th January: Coventry 0-3 Swindon Town

Just a couple of weeks into the new year and in front of the TV cameras Swindon put on their most complete and confident performance under Mark Cooper, the result lifted Town to the top of League One and showed what this side was truly capable of on their day.

4th April: Swindon Town 0-3 Milton Keynes

A must win game for both sides if they wanted a chance to earn a top two spot in the division, and Town bottled it on the big stage. Their opponents wanted it more on the day; the Town faithful knew another playoff campaign beckoned.

11th May: Swindon Town 5-5 Sheffield Utd

The most incredible game in the history of the football league playoffs, the football equivalent of watching two heavyweight boxers throwing punches at each other without bothering to defend themselves, the result saw Town reach the playoff final, a fantastic achievement considering the state of the football club at the start of the 14/15 season.

24th May: Preston 4-0 Swindon Town

One of the most embarrassing moments I’ve ever endured watching Swindon was witnessing their first half display at Wembley, the result marked the end of a talented squad built by Mark Cooper and Lee Power.

12th September: Barnsley 4-1 Swindon Town

A real cesspit of a game, the home side were dreadful, unable to string two passes together, and sadly, Town were even worse. The defeat kicked off Town’s winless run, which would lead to the dismissal of manager Mark Cooper after a terrible away showing at Millwall.

28th November: Chesterfield 0-4 Swindon Town

After another humiliating away defeat a week previous at Fleetwood, Town produced their best performance of the season as they easily squashed the home side. The result shows the false position Town find themselves in, and the foundations of a talented side Martin Ling has to work with, and what they are capable of doing to any side in League One.

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