LAST week came the news that after 29 years, The Independent newspaper will cease to produce its print edition, but will continue in an online form.

Some say this is the sign of the times, that print journalism is on the way out, to be replaced with content exclusively online.

I desperately hope that isn’t the case. I’d much rather read a newspaper, inky fingers and all, than read all my news from a computer screen.

Lots of people have expressed their sadness at the end of the Independent, but at the same time, they haven’t bought a paper for years.

It’s similar to the old-fashioned high streets all over the country that are slowly being brushed away. Many say it’s a tragedy to see these shops disappear, when those same people haven’t visited them in years.

People need to continue buying daily newspapers, and of course their local weekly newspapers.

At Swindon Town, a continuous press ban is suffocating the coverage of the club, leading to a problem for the local press.

Since January 2015, the Gazette & Herald’s sister paper the Swindon Advertiser has been banned from the County Ground and any pre or post-match interviews.

Despite this setback, the paper has thankfully continued it’s superb coverage of the club under difficult circumstances and a ridiculous situation.

Since last summer, all coverage of Town for all news outlets changed when the club decided to give exclusive access to a new app called Fanzai.

It’s fair to say the experiment with this new platform has failed miserably over the season. It delivers nothing new. To be honest, it doesn’t deliver anything.

For example, over the past month it’s posted just five items on Swindon Town, all news that was covered in much more detail elsewhere.

It seems they’re more focused on the bastions of integrity in football - John Terry and Gabby Agbonlahor.

Last July, it looked like a mistake to be involved with Fanzai, and would harm Town going forward.

Sadly, the excellent coverage the club has received over many years from many top journalists is starting to disappear.

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