TOWN’S strange season took another exciting twist as Michael Doughty scored with virtually the last touch of the Millwall game to earn Swindon a point in a game they looked dead and buried in to extend the club’s unbeaten run into it’s seventh week.

It’s no coincidence that since Doughty’s arrival in mid-January, Town’s form has improved dramatically. The midfield has looked more effective as he drives the team forward, and we see less aimless passing from side-to-side.

We now understand why so many QPR fans were baffled when he was allowed to leave on-loan during a rough patch in their season. If the club manage to sign him on a permanent basis in the summer, it would be a huge coup going into the next campaign.

Last week Luke Williams became the 33rd full-time boss in Swindon’s 137-year history after a successful interim period in charge.

His appointment full-time is a gamble by chairman Lee Power, as he’s handing a League One club aiming for promotion in the next few years to someone in their first-ever job in management.

But I’m excited to see what Williams can do, not only in the last 11 games of this season, but how he builds his side during the summer with Power and sporting director Seamus Brady.

Over the next couple of games we’ll discover if our hope of a play-off place is a fantasy, or something we can start to take seriously as we face seventh-placed Coventry City on Saturday and then League One’s in-form side, second-placed Wigan Athetic.

Once again the Swindon Town’s Supporters Trust, Trust STFC, deserves huge credit for their campaign to take 5,000 fans to Coventry.

Despite missing out on that huge number, more than 2,000 will support Williams’ side at the Ricoh Arena.

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