SWINDON'S 3-0 win over Shrewsbury last weekend was a welcome end to a lacklustre season at the County Ground, but inside the mediocrity of the past 10 months are some standout players.

Let's look at those who stood out from the crowd, and someone everyone has already forgotten.

Player of the Season – Nicky Ajose

(Honorable Mentions – Jonathan Obika, Nathan Thompson)

AFTER struggling earlier in the season when playing as a lone striker, Ajose found his form when partnered with Obika.

With his success comes the expected transfer talk, but Ajose can’t become the next player we stupidly undervalue and sell off cheap. He needs to be in a Town shirt come August for the club's future success.

Young Player of the Season – Ellis Iandolo

(Honorable Mentions – Will Henry, Jordan Young)

WHEN looking at the players who are 18 and under having made an impact on the first team, Iandolo tops the list after making a big impression in his first full season as a professional. A real exciting prospect for next season.

Most Improved – Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill

(Honorable Mentions – Brad Barry, James Brophy)

THIS could easily go to any of the three names mentioned above - all have improved since their arrival last year.

But just edging out the other two is Ormonde-Ottewill. He endured a disappointing start as he looked out of his depth, but he’s becoming the player we all we hoped we’d signed last summer.

Hopefully he’ll still be around next season to progress even more under Luke Williams.

Best Signing – Michael Doughty

NEVER replacing the quality of Ben Gladwin and Massimo Luongo in midfield was painfully noticeable in the first half of the season - even bringing Gladwin back for a loan spell never worked out as he never looked fully match fit.

The club finally did bring in the quality needed when Doughty joined the club on loan. A superb midfielder that would be a huge asset for next season, but Town will have a big job on their hands with many clubs interested in the QPR player.

Forgettable signing – Momar Bangoura

BANGOURA is the ultimate forgettable signing as he came and went in a flash over the winter. Signed in October on a short term deal, the former Marseille midfielder made his debut at Oxford, playing as an emergency centre-back.

He started just the one game for the club away at Millwall, arguably the worst overall performance of the season. He was released in December when his deal expired.

A big thanks to everyone over the season for reading Dan the Fan, have a great summer and I’ll see you next season.

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