ON Tuesday night, Town showed some old fashioned bouncebackability as they put behind them the embarrassment of last weekend and earned a hard-fought point against a previously unblemished Gillingham side.

After the encouraging start in the first week of the season, last Saturday showed the lack of concentration that was so prevalent during last season's campaign is still knocking about, and will rear its ugly head now and again.

Town pulled off a surprise on their team sheet at Gillingham as they didn’t include a recognised striker in their starting XI, with John Goddard starting the game as the focal point, supported by James Brophy and new loan signing Darnell Furlong.

Thankfully, Williams’ gamble paid off as Town kept the hosts’ creative engine room quiet.

It’s a formation and system you wouldn’t want to get used to seeing, but it worked a treat as Swindon left Priestfield with a deserved point.

Another highlight from midweek is the form of returning goalkeeper Lawrence Vigouroux.

I’ll admit when I heard that the former Liverpool keeper was returning on a permanent deal for a considerable fee, I wasn’t jumping for joy. I was left unconvinced by his talent after a inconsistent 2015-16 campaign.

But since his return, you could easily make the case that he’s been Town’s best player over the first four games of this season.

If he carries on in this vein of form throughout the season, the reported £400,000 will be an absolute steal for the goalkeeper.

Another player who has started the season in form is last season’s forgotten man Jordan Stewart.

I’m sure Jordan will admit himself; last season was an absolute nightmare as he failed to settle in Wiltshire and was shipped out to Grimsby Town so he could at least play a few games.

But it seems he’s come back from his summer holidays looking not only to prove his worth to Luke Williams but that Lee Power was right to take a gamble on bringing him into the professional game last year.

In all his substitute appearances this season, he’s made an instant impact, adding bundles of pace and energy every time.

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