WITH Swindon Town already knocked out of the FA Cup, this week fans had to make do with the highly-ridiculed Checkatrade Trophy.

It seems when it comes to the Trophy, people couldn’t care less as the County Ground hosted just 1,692 fans, meaning the club could’ve just opened the Stratton Bank for the fixture and still had 508 seats spare.

The sterile atmosphere that seems to follow this competition around this season managed to seep its way onto the pitch, with some players sleep-walking through the game. Midfielder Sean Murray endured his worst game for Town and I and many others genuinely forgot he was playing.

Despite the poor result and forgettable performances by some in a 3-2 loss at home to Luton Town, there were some encouraging signs, the biggest being Jake Evans’ first 90-minute professional game.

The first-year pro was a constant threat down the right and defended well when called into action. It seems the successful youth academy at Swindon has produced another fine player.

I was pleased to see Luke Norris finally score his first goal at the County Ground and it was a superb finish to give Town the lead. It shows he has that in his locker, lets hope we see it more often as the season moves on.

However, performance of the night easily went to Ellis Iandolo, he capped off his impressive display with a superb 30-yard strike. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s given more first-team opportunities as the rest of the season plays out.

Tuesday evening also saw the debut of Rhys Sharpe, the former Derby youngster has been on trial with Town after being released by Notts County in the summer. Sharpe had a decent debut and recovered well after gifting Luton their opening goal. He obviously needs games under his belt before we can truly see what he’s capable of but from first viewing, he seems a good squad player.

This weekend, Town travels to face Sheffield United at Bramell Lane. With the majority of the first-team squad rested on Tuesday evening, many players would’ve enjoyed two weeks without a game.

Let’s hope that break will give Town the edge and the much-needed three points.

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