BREXIT, new Prime Minster, election of Donald Trump, Leicester City becoming Premier League champions, huge success for Britain in Rio, saying goodbye to childhood icons.

2016 has been strange year, with big highs and Grand Canyon-style lows.

But one thing we can all agree on, it’s been a forgettable year for Swindon Town.


THE club’s League One form over the first few months of the year. With Martin Ling resigning last Christmas, Luke Williams was given his chance in management and successfully picked up where his predecessor had left off as he guided Town to just four points from the play-off places after a 2-0 home win over Doncaster Rovers in early March.

Also, whether it has been Will Henry’s penalty heroics in the Checkatrade Trophy against Oxford, Tom Smith’s impressive performances, Jordan Young scoring his first professional goal, Jake Evans breaking into the first team squad, or players still in the club’s youth ranks like James Georgaklis and Tom Ouldridge taking their place on the bench, it’s been a successful year for the club’s academy.


AFTER working hard to get Town to just four points from the top six, Williams’ side slid straight back down the other way from mid-March after some desperate performances, the biggest embarrassment coming at Glanford Park as Scunthorpe hit them for six.

Thankfully, two wins in our final three games secured our third tier status.

Despite obvious signs that the squad wasn’t good enough to compete for a top-six finish in League One, minimal progress was made, signing Lawrence Vigouroux permanently and the return of Michael Doughty on loan the obvious high points.

Even with those two additions the first half of this season has been frustrating and tiresome to watch.

The lack of quality players coming through the front door at Town last summer has been a big factor in the club’s poor league position.

Let’s hope 2017 will be less brutal.

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