SWINDON Town’s season plumbed new depths last weekend as Luke Williams’ side humiliated themselves and everyone connected to the club against their most bitter rivals.

Town started the game on the front foot and fully deserved their 19th-minute lead as Fankaty Dabo scored his first professional goal to send the County Ground into raptures – a rare scene over the past few years.

Unfortunately, all the first-half performance accomplished was setting up the Town faithful for an even bigger fall, as Swindon looked lethargic, unfit and again not up for the fight in a derby game, our former non-league neighbours taking all the points.

I don’t want to dwell on last Sunday as I’m sure all Town fans would rather go through root canal surgery for 24 hours than think about our pathetic excuse of a performance in the club’s biggest home game of the season.

But I did want to mention the Great Western Reds, who put together the fantastic display that took over the front of the Town End when the players walked onto the pitch.

It looked impressive and your efforts should have been rewarded with the three points and bragging rights.

If any Town fans weren’t sure if we were in a relegation scrap before both recent local derbies, they can now see the mess the club find themselves in, with eight must-win home games left in this season.

Town’s focus moves onto the next four weeks as the club faces all four of the teams currently in the League One relegation zone.

Travelling to Bury this weekend, they then welcome Oldham to the County Ground on February 18, following that up with a trip to bottom side Coventry on February 25 and Chesterfield visit Wiltshire on March 4.

It’s by no means the glamorous side of League One (if that exists), but it’s just as important.

You get the feeling this next month could go along way in deciding which division Swindon find themselves in next season.

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