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OAPs have paid for you

I AM a 70-year-old visiting family in Cranmore Avenue, Park South.

A Collins suggests the old are to blame for all of the country’s problems, as we all voted to keep the Tories and for Brexit - causing the current problems.

The “old” of today were the younger population that enabled the prosperity this great country has enjoyed for many years, but now their usefulness seems to be questioned as their work ethic and tax paying abilities have been superceded by the younger “want it all and want it now” mantra.

I’m not sure how old A Collins is, but as he attains retirement, and hopes to enjoy a well financed retirement himself, it will only be as good as the younger generation are willing to work and provide for.

Many of the older population of today are not “all right Jack” and are seeing their hard fought-for pensions and property being eroded by “the take it all without making any contribution” folk who think the State owes them a living and a home.

It is NOT the State that is paying, it is the investment of hard work, sweat and tears of the older residents paying so much in to a system that now seems to want to deny them the fruits of their planting.

Perhaps the Brexit figures were based on the fact that the older generation were willing to get out and vote for their country’s future, rather then the younger generation idea of leaving the vote - like the wealth creation - to the more mature citizen.

I hope A Collins has enjoyed a good lifestyle, probably financed by his parents’ and grandparents - the despised older generation - and works hard to provide for his older family and a good future for his offspring.


Road is rat run

THE letter from Mr Thompson is a surprise, he seems to think that Ferndale Road is only used by buses.

He should stand at the crossroads by the Co op and watch the vehicles. It is a rat run, nobody takes a blind bit of notice of the road closure.

Several years ago I spent three hours taking photographs of the 34 vehicles which went through and was threatened twice by drivers.

When I gave the photos to the police they said it wasn’t legal, so wouldn’t do anything about it.

As Mr Thompson is a parish councillor, how about getting Cricklade Road pavements repaired so if you go down it on a mobility scooter you don’t fall off?

T REYNOLDS, Wheeler Avenue, Swindon

Rhyme to remember

Here’s a helpful little ditty:

Don’t be silly

Heed this warning

Don’t drive to the Outlet

On a Sunday morning!

Saturday is just as crazy

Catch the bus or walk

And don’t be lazy!

Seriously, the traffic will be awful from now until Christmas, please think before you drive.

GARY HAZELL, Barnum Court, Rodbourne, Swindon