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Don’t be fooled

I WAS rather intrigued by the article ‘Co-ops combine to save 20 tonnes CO2’ as carried in the SA 29th January as it would appear that there are still people and organisations including the Co-op that are still falling victim to the great ‘man made climate change hoax’ as continues to be perpetuated by the IPCC, and others with vested interests.

I am sure that the Co-op’s Mike Pickering, the community and sustainability manager, is sincere in his commitment. He is probably quite unwittingly yet another victim of the hoax and the corrupt unscientific theories behind it which manipulate data to make money in support of all aspects of the so called ‘green economy’ which does nothing other than benefit those involved at the expense of all of us.

Some organisations are doing very well out of the myth from expensive wind farms, solar panels, electric vehicles, whilst shutting down coal fired power stations which could have been converted to burn clean coal at a fraction of the cost. We are all paying dearly for our energy due to the continued perpetuation of the man made global warming hoax.

Carbon dioxide, whether created by man’s activities or occurring naturally in the earth’s atmosphere, has never been, and never will be, a so called ‘greenhouse gas’ and in any case the very small percentage produced by human activity is totally insignificant to the point of being irrelevant in any case. Thus any heating of the planet is due purely to natural cyclical events including solar activity and resultant fluctuations of magnetic fields of both it and the moon that affect the long term fluctuations of the jet stream in the earth’s upper atmosphere.

In fact CO2 is very beneficial for plant growth, and rather than being the mythical cause of so called ‘man made global warming’ has been proved by examining polar ice core samples to increase due to natural cyclical increases in temperature, and in short is not the cause of warming but conversely the result of it.

Since 2013 planet Earth has been cooling not warming which is due to a natural solar cycle with sustained minimal sunspot activity and thus a resultant reduction in the magnetic effect on the Earth’s high altitude atmospheric jet stream, which is causing a lot of concern amongst genuine scientists that that use real data to study climate as opposed to the vested interest hoax lobby such as the IPCC. There are fears that we are heading for a little ice age as there has been a distinct correlation between the periods of very low sun spot activity as we currently have to that of the so called Maunder minimum of AD 1645-1715 and the Dalton minimum of AD 1790-1830.

G A Woodward, Nelson Street, Swindon

Let’s tackle loneliness

In this our 50th year, Anchor recognises that loneliness is nearing epidemic proportions and is something which concerns the older people living with us. According to the Campaign To End Loneliness, more than half the country’s 75 year olds currently live alone which increases the likelihood of mortality by 26%.

As we deliver housing, care and support to 40,000 older people from our 1,000 locations across England, Anchor does its utmost to prevent this. The older people living in retirement housing properties, like mine, benefit from living in a thriving community. I’m also around if they need any support.

That is why I welcome the Government’s decision to appoint Tracy Crouch as its Minister for Loneliness. We wish her every success.

And local retailers can also help older people, particularly those living alone, to reduce their sense of loneliness. Anchor’s Standing Up 4 Sitting Down campaign is asking retailers to provide seating so that older shoppers, as well as disabled people and pregnant women, can rest mid-shop. A shopping trip may be a weekly chore for many but for some older people living alone it’s a chance for social interaction and could be a life saver.

Pat Davidson, Manager, Beatty Court, Dammas Lane, Swindon

Thanks for support

May I take the opportunity through your newspaper to thank all those people who turned up on a miserably wet Sunday afternoon just over a week ago to support our campaign, of which I am secretary, StARC Stratton Against Road Changes?

Those of us on the committee were both surprised and delighted by the numbers. No official count was made but we estimated between three and four hundred were present at Grange Community Centre. We believe this demonstrated the strength of feeling at the plans which were, at the time, showing what we consider to be unacceptable changes to the road layout at the White Hart junction. The subsequent changes made to the plans by the Council seem to be a vindication of our challenge.

We shall continue to monitor the Council’s plans for the area, and will make our views, and those of local people, known to our representatives in the Council chamber. Further information can be obtained from our website

Name and address supplied

In a rage over roads

Mary Martin should be ashamed of herself (SA Mon Jan29th).

I know there are more cars on the road, but I bet she doesn’t live anywhere where she can’t get out of her road or street because all the roads are gridlocked because that’s were we live.

We don’t go out in our car at weekends because we can’t get out of our street.

And if we are lucky in Swindon because we have a strong economy like she said why are our roads in such a disgraceful state? Potholes everywhere and road subsidence.

If SBC have money over at the end of the financial year, spend it on the roads and road markings and don’t keep wasting it on things that don’t need doing.

L Townsend, Redcliffe Street, Rodbourne