Stop harsh language against migrants

Just when I thought the Conservative party couldn't sink any lower, along comes their repugnant deputy chairman Lee Anderson, who thinks it's great to use a four letter expletive to tell asylum seekers to go back to France.

The Tories, since coming to power thirteen years ago - Cameron, May, Johnson,Sunak - have all used demonising and racist language.

This has resulted in migrants and perceived migrants being verbally and physically abused.

After thirteen years in government and policies that have devastated public services, severely damaged the economy, divided society, and trashed the lives of millions, the Tories have nothing to offer apart from more policies that create division and hate.

Keir Starmer's response to Lee Anderson's racist language?


Keir Starmer is a weak-kneed yellow belly who, I believe, is keeping silent for fear of upsetting the racists in society and the editors of the right wing media, eg, Mail, Express, Sun and Telegraph,

My partner, who is Black South African, came to the UK in 2001, gaining UK citizenship in 2007, and who has been a victim of racism herself.

She says simply, "If these people got a problem with my skin colour, then that's a problem they have to live with".

Martin Webb,

Old Town,