I HOPE Liz Brackenbury's next article will be more balanced than her recent one on hunting.

Having condemned sensationalist propaganda, Ms Brackenbury goes on to describe the alleged violence of anti-hunt protesters. Yet she completely overlooks the brutality of hunt supporters.

In my opinion, foxes have as much right to live without man's clumsy interference as any other creature. However, if foxes are pests, then hunting with dogs is an inefficient and costly way of controlling their numbers. Logically, the foxes that get away are the fittest and therefore the ones likely to cause most harm.

Comparing fox-hunting with setting a mousetrap is a perfect illustration of Ms Brackenbury's own prejudice, as she automatically assumes the mouse must be killed. Non-lethal humane mousetraps are cheap and effective; likewise, the countryside can be managed to the benefit of all without torturing wild animals.

However, credit where it is due. Liz Brackenbury rightly alludes to the desperate cruelty suffered by animals bred for food. Also her article inspired me to send a donation to the League Against Cruel Sports to support its courageous struggle to eliminate the abuse of animals in the name of sport.

ANDREW DAY Bydemill Gardens Highworth Swindon