I HAVE just noted with interest the council’s plan to charge library users 30p for each online reservation that they make. I think that someone at the council has had a cunning plan to finally get rid of all the smaller libraries around the town.

If you are a regular user of some of the larger libraries in the town, then there is a good selection of stock to choose from. However, if you are a member of a smaller library, take Even Swindon for example, the amount of stock held is very limited. For the avid reader the only options are to go to a larger library or request books online. Many elderly people are not able to get around very well and so their only option will be to request books online. For those who don’t have internet access they can reserve books through the librarian in the library which is even more expensive.

I am sure that introducing this charge will mean that many people who regularly request books will either visit other libraries or take out less books. This will mean less books will be issued through Even Swindon and if the lending figures drop the council will finally get its wish and be able to close this facility.

Even Swindon is used by many elderly people and parents with young children and is a valuable community asset. Much more importantly than, say, a £250,000 water feature that seems to be permanently switched off and which, unlike the Jubilee clock, really is in the wrong place.

Once the council has closed or sold off every single asset this town has, can anybody tell me what the plan will be then?

SUE COZENS Devon Road Swindon