CAR dealer Kerry Pearson is set to star in a new Channel 5 TV show, Wonga Challenge presents: Go Hard Or Go Home, after taking on the challenge of a lifetime.

In January, viewers will follow the journey of 34-year-old Kerry as she takes on the Gaelforce West – a triathlon on the unforgiving terrain of the west coast of Ireland.

Her mission includes a 41-mile cycle ride, a 13-mile run and hike, kayaking across Ireland’s only fjord and climbing one of the country’s tallest mountains.

Swindon Lexus dealer Kerry was hand-picked, along with three male Bristol-based car dealers for the four-part adventure challenge TV series by the show’s presenter and trans-Atlantic sailor Hannah White, who put her through a punishing 12-week fitness regime to get her ready for the endurance test.

Kerry signed up for the show after realising she was in a lifestyle rut, and said she wanted to set herself a challenge that would make her eight-year-old daughter proud.

Since returning to work after the birth of her daughter she has put on 28 pounds, bringing her up to 10 stone. She said: “I’d developed lots of bad habits such as drinking a glass of wine every night, smoking and eating too much chocolate, and wanted to break out of this cycle.

“I took part in the show with no idea what my challenge would be, but I loved every minute.

“I surpassed my own expectations, and it’s shown me that there’s nothing you can’t do when you give it everything you’ve got.”

Presenter Hannah said: “Setting yourself a goal, working towards it, and eventually achieving that goal is a feeling that I wanted everyone in the show to experience – so much is possible if you work hard, believe in yourself and never give up.”

For more information visit and watch Kerry in Wonga Challenge presents: Go Hard Or Go Home this month on Channel 5.