RICHARD Farnan believes that the lack of footage of Morgan Le Gal will not derail Kelvin Young’s bid to successfully defend his IBO super-middleweight inter-continental title.

The Penhill pugilist’s trainer has been desperately trawling the internet to try to discover what type of fighter the Frenchman is, as they look set to collide at the Oasis Leisure Centre on June 7.

And while the only clip Farnan has managed to find on the unbeaten 25-year-old was footage of an old amateur fight in 2008, he admits he can take very little from that contest.

“I’ll be honest he looked pretty poor,” Farnan said. “But that was a long time ago, he has an unbeaten record in the pro ranks so you can’t take anything from that - I need to see something recent.”

Young’s trainer is hopeful that he will be able to obtain footage from the Frenchman’s fight tonight when he tackles Jessy Luxembourger over six rounds.

However, should Farnan be unable to track down any video of the man lined up to face Young Gun, he says that it won’t be a problem.

“We are going to do everything that we can to find if it is televised somewhere - that would be gold.,” he said.

“If we don’t then we will have to go in blind, we will work to our strengths and box him for a couple of rounds and reassess it.

“But that doesn’t concern me. I’m that confident, sometimes you have to do it, you have to adjust, we can assess it.

“I know what Kelvin has got and I know Kelv can box his head off for three or four rounds, just to have look at him.

“We have a 10-round fight ahead of us, ideally I would like to be able to see more, see what mistakes he makes, what his favourite shot combination is, without it we will do what we do.”

Should Farnan feel the need to change Young’s plan during the fight next month, he believes that the 27-year-old will be able to adapt.

“They all listen (Kelv, Tariq Quaddus and Andy Harris),” the trainer said. “I tell them that they (the opponent) are doing that and you need to do this.

“That is the one thing with all three of them, even during the fight you know that they are listening because the eye contact is there, they stare straight at me and I know that what I’m saying is being absorbed.”