A FAT ginger cat has been barred from a north Swindon pub for repeatedly ignoring calls for last orders.

The pushy puss – who has been named Ember by customers, has literally set up home in the Blunsdon Arms and doesn’t seem to have any wish to leave the bar. Her favourite position is under the outdoor heaters, but she is just as happy purring to punters inside. Staff have had to put up a sign on the front door saying: “Please note the cat is barred,” to try and prevent Ember from interrupting customers eating food.

The mystery cat – who is assured of a plentiful supply of tasty snacks from punters and staff, has been happily frequenting the pub for eight months.

“I think she gets better fed than me,” said the pub’s manager, Mark Burton. “She is very forward and goes for everybody’s lap when she comes into the pub.

“As we do a lot of food, we have to keep chucking her out. She turns up at 7am looking for food and is so friendly and quite unusual. Obviously she likes people or is very lonely.”

Whether Ember has a real home is a mystery but some people believe her real name is Jasmine. She has become a legend at the pub and a Facebook page may be set up in her honour. But due to health and safety regulations, she is not allowed because the pub sells food.

“Everybody has to stop letting her in, as I spend half the day chasing her out,” said Mark laughingly.

And Ember knows her prime position, as the only cat in the pub, makes her very lucky.

“She stares other cats out if they appear outside the pub,“ said Mark. “She is very territorial.”

Staff member Kellie Watkins said: “She will just sit on my shoulder for ages. She can be a pain though when she sneaks inside, as she tries to sit on top of tables and watches people eat their dinner. She gets so much to eat here including fish, cat food and chicken.”

She has been given her name because of her ginger looks, but also because Ember inns own the popular pub, which has been open for two years.