PRESS RELEASE For release: Immediate Contact: Colleen Smith Family Support 07859 414 376 Helping Families to Help Themselves A new support service is launched in Swindon by Colleen Smith. Colleen has decided to start up a new business venture after recently being made redundant by Swindon Borough Council. Colleen worked as a successful Parent Support Adviser in West Swindon Schools for 3 years, helping 100’s of families who needed support at difficult periods in their lives to improve their lives and give themselves and their children better life outcomes.

Colleen has extensive experience of helping families by various means, such as supporting with behaviour strategies, ill health management, getting children into education, support with bullying, claiming benefits, assistance with housing/debt, writing letters, referrals to appropriate agencies and being a spokesperson on their behalf.

Colleen noticed a substantial lack of support in Swindon for families many who are in desperate need so she has seized the opportunity to go self-employed. Colleen is offering her services directly to schools and colleges as well as privately to parent/carers.

Testimonial Very often, parents and families feel confused and out of their depth, especially when they are in need of help. Having a Parent Support Advisor like Colleen means that school staff have someone they can direct these families to. It means that parents can get the support they need from a friendly, non judgmental and understanding person. Having a PSA provides a more ‘joined up’ approach to safeguarding children and families; Colleen always liaises with schools so that those struggling families receive support across the board.

Ruth Kendrick-Inclusion Leader, Millbrook Primary School Colleen can be contacted on 07859 414 376 or email, she wants to help Swindon families make a difference by “Helping them to help themselves”.

Contact: Colleen Smith Family Support 07859 414 376 Based on information supplied by Colleen Smith.