After finishing the last of their GCSE exams last month most 15-year-olds were probably looking forward to a stress-free summer holiday.

But Jack Bailey is no ordinary teenager.

The youngster, who has finished his exams at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, likes nothing better than the sound of a metal sword on plate armour.

Jack is the youngest member of the College of Chivalry, a Swindon-based medieval re-enactment group.

The 22-strong crew practise medieval archery and sword fighting at Roves Farm and perform at history festivals, castles and fairs across the country. The group wowed crowds at the Old Town Festival at Lawns on Sunday.

Dressed in armour plate so shiny you could see your face reflected in it, Jack took part in a series of show fights with other sword-fighting specialists from the college.

He said: “I love fighting – it’s so much fun. I like the adrenaline rush.”

The teenager joined the College of Chivalry two years ago, after seeing them perform at Glastonbury Medieval Fayre.

Initially, he went to the groups archery practise sessions at Roves Farm, but found that sword fighting was his forte.

“I’ve always liked the idea of knights and fighting. I visited a training session and I really enjoyed it.”

Jack played football when he was younger but feels more comfortable with the centuries-old art of combat.

“I like sports but I’ve never found one that I really enjoyed.”

Now, he squares up against men twice his age.

Mum Bin Bailey, 51, is also part of the group. At Old Town Festival she was one of a dozen practising their archery.

“I like the skill of being able to pick up a piece of equipment from the medieval era and do something with it,” she said.

“And the little thrill you get when you hit the gold target never goes away.”

Chris Fox, the group’s leader – called a Hand of the King – said that the sport is growing in popularity.

“We have had a massive increase in archery, including quite a few members who became interested through Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games,” said Chris, 30.

The Mountford Manor Primary School teacher said there was a precedent for female fighters: “Lady Sybil de York used to shoot at her potential suitors.”

Chris’s partner, Jenna, performs in the group. When pair went on their first date to the cinema and a pizza restaurant, Chris was still wearing his medieval tunic after performing with the College of Chivalry that day.

He smiled: “Who can say no to a knight in shining armour?”

College of Chivalry is open to new participants.

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