Simion Rhodes, Lobster Pot Fishmongers, Wood Street, Swindon

LAST week saw the arrival of Cornish Flounder landed in Brixham.

This underrated flat fish is similar in shape to halibut (although this is where the similarity ends) and has a taste and texture like plaice, although a bit meatier.

Also known as ‘fluke,’ flounder has brownish-green skin with faint red spots on the dark side and is bright white on the blind side. Their habitat is mostly sandy estuaries or close to beach areas and they can survive in part freshwater. They are often caught by beach anglers and are usually a novice angler’s first catch.

Stocks of flounder appear to be on the increase which is good news as they are very affordable. A good sized fish will cost you £3 to £4. The best time to eat them is between June and January.

Flounder fillets are easy to cook and make a fantastic midweek meal.

l Baked flounder fillets with lemon, black pepper, chorizo and tomato.

First halve some vine cherry tomatoes and lay them on a baking tray along with sliced chorizo. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Meanwhile in a bowl grate some lemon zest, a clove of garlic (crushed), some black pepper and mix with olive oil. Remove the baking tray form the oven and lay the flounder fillets skin side down and spread the lemon and olive oil mixture evenly over the fillets, along with a few knobs of butter. Return the tray to the oven and bake for approx 6 – 8 minutes (180°C). Serve with some herby new potatoes and fine green beans.

If you are floundering for something different to cook for the family why not pop in and try some flounder?