Life is going nowhere

MY husband is a loveless man who, after 11 years of marriage, shows me little or no consideration and no affection.

If I could, I would leave him, but I have no means of supporting myself.

I am miserable and depressed all the time. My husband controls the money, giving me only enough to run the house.

I have no formal qualifications, other than A-levels. Please help, I feel so trapped. - PT

Fiona says: You would feel more positive and less dependent on your husband if you had your own income - however small.

There are many service industry jobs that require little or no qualifications, for example cleaning or working in shops and restaurants.

I accept that some may not be very fulfilling, but it would give you more independence and confidence, which eventually will give you more choices.

Make a start by using the National Careers Service website ( which has a wealth of advice on looking for jobs and how to apply for them.

Is my husband gambling?

MY husband forgot to take his mobile phone to work last week and I spotted that he has a gambling app on it.

I am now worried sick that he is gambling in secret and may be running up huge debts.

I haven’t said anything yet because I don’t know how he will react, especially as we have always been very transparent about things in the past. Should I make an issue of this or just let it slide?

The presence of the app doesn’t mean he has a gambling problem, he may not even be using it.

However, as you have been open with each other in the past, I can see why you might be concerned by what appears to be a secret.

I think your only option is to talk to him and tell him that finding the app worried you, then ask him if there’s a problem.

If he does have a problem, contact Gamanon ( for support and advice.