Swindon singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Alice Offley, has had her latest single, Boneyard, chosen by Classic Rock Magazine to go into the Track of the Week poll.

Alice and the Lovers are a dark, romantic all-girl band, set up by Alice and her sister Amy, on Valentine's Day in 2013. Now the singer is hoping that all her fans will get behind the band and vote for Boneyard.

Alice said: "It was recorded here in Swindon with Stu Rowe and Andy Partridge from XTC, at The Lighterthief Bunker studio in Old Town. It was then mixed in London by Mike Chapman, who has worked with Blondie and Suzie Quatro.''

The singer is a distant relative of the 1960s pop icon Dusty Springfield and admits to being heavily influenced by the music of that era, including Elvis, and the harmony bands such as the Shangri Las and Everly Brothers.

She was brought up in a family of musicians and with a tradition of sing-songs around the piano.

Boneyard is released on Cargo Records in time for Halloween.

Alice said: "It is a raucous indie rock anthem.''

Alice and the Lovers are now based in London and will be launching this second single on Monday, October 30 from 8pm at a Halloween party in Nambucca, Holloway Road, in London.

For more details of the band visit www.aliceandthelovers.com

To vote for Boneyard: http://teamrock.com/feature/2017-10-20/tracks-of-the-week-74 - Flicky Harrison