Joe Theobald, aka DJ Captain Wormhole, Looks at all things vinyl 

WHAT a week it’s been for ol’ Wormhole. The half marathon was horrible – two hours, 13 minutes and 45.5 seconds running with a stomach that felt like an overloaded cement mixer... completely my own fault due to granola overload, last-minute coffee nonsense and poorly-timed Skittles.

It’s all a learning curve, though, and the important thing is that I finished and I’ve raised £252 for Prospect Hospice. Many, many thanks to all my friends, family and colleagues for the support and generosity.

Particular props to Papa for getting there 45 minutes before I did and being in position at several points throughout the route to cheer me on.

I did find a nice track at 117 BPM for the pacing ear worm but it was surplus to requirements. The roadside support and current of positivity generated throughout by everyone taking part was more than enough to get me over the line.

As for the torrent of negativity on Facebook with regards to the traffic and disruption – you miserable lot need to cheer up and develop a bit of foresight/common sense.

The whole thing was well publicised weeks prior and just a minor degree of advance thought could have saved you any serious delays.

The sadist in me does take a bit of pleasure from having contributed to the cause of such widespread, gridlock-laden angst, though, so for that I thank you.

With the Half taking up all my attention, the new LCD album release very nearly crept past me unnoticed. Suffice to say, American Dream is almost certainly another masterpiece from the greatest band of the 21st century. It needs more listens before I can detail exactly why it is a masterpiece so I’ll pick up on it next week.

Also I’ve expanded my The Fall collection with There’s A Ghost In My House on 7. It has a cool holographic sleeve.