WATCHING bands evolve and grow is an interesting pastime, especially in an age where many seem to burst forth fully formed from a major label studio, are heralded as the greatest thing since sliced Grohl, grab a Brit award and then bag that inevitable Sunday afternoon presenting slot on 6 Music, all within about a fortnight.

The Harlers are a band I have very much enjoyed watching come to fruition, from a straight down the line heavy blues duo, through various scuzzy amplifier experiments and finally now as a more fluid but no less intense three piece.

People of a certain age will hear references to the likes of Burning Tree, who in turn channelled the late sixties blues-rock explosion, though younger culture vultures and music aficionados can earn some cool points by dropping Bite The Buffalo’s name into any relevant conversations. You will find The Harlers launching their new EP, Morning Light, at The Victoria tonight where they are joined by the neo-psychedelic jangle of The Sulks and Shore’s dramatic indie.

A couple of acoustic acts can also be found around town tonight. At The Tuppenny, Chris Webb will be laying out a musical stall of modern, finger style upbeat folk and if you think he looks familiar it may be because not only does he have a long touring career and five albums to his name, he is also a regular member of Gaz Brookfield’s Company of Thieves.

At The Beehive, a fascinating performance can be found. Moses Wiggins is the collective music heartbeat of Nick John and Keith Thompson a blend of song and story telling, exquisite guitar work and compelling spoken word. And if something heavier is more to your taste Darren Hunt brings his solo rock extravaganza to The Groves Company Inn, small enough to fit in a pub, powerful enough to knock your socks clean off.

And on Friday bone fide rock legends hit The Victoria as Deborah Bonham, sister of the infamous Led Zeppelin drummer, brings her rapturous and soulful blues to town aided and abetted by a group of musicians normally found backing up none other than Paul Rogers and a who’s who of iconic players in their own right.

Beehive favourites, The Model Folk are back at Old Town’s most quirky, compact and bijou venue for another session of raucous and rumbustious Balkan folk. Guitar, washboard, upright bass, clarinet and a wheezing harmonium lay down the soundtrack for tales about steam, soviet farming machinery, 1930s drag queens, circuses and tea.

The Teddy White Band bring their glorious set of carefully selected standards and forgotten gems from the beat, blues and boogie era of a bygone age to The Queen’s Tap and Locarno Beat tap into some the bigger songs of a similar era from Beatles to Hendrix to The Who at The Groves Company Inn. If classic rock is more to your tastes, Loaded Dice at The Rolleston is the way to go.

And if rock is your particular chosen musical poison then Saturday is going to seem as if all of your birthdays have come at once and the biggest name in town is Shepherds Pie.

Classic rock and metal from the last four decades delivered with all the incendiary power, passion and integrity which made you fall in love with the genre in the first place. Find them at The Swiss Chalet. Damn Good Reason play classic rock at The Rolleston and at The Queen’s Tap you will find Down and Dirty covering some of the same territory but taking some inspired detours into prog, pop and the American heartland rock back catalogue. At Level III, The Last Call also pepper their high-energy covers set with rock and metal but also pop punk, indie and even a few urban vibes can be found in the mix.

Fans of tribute acts will find the glory days of, probably the most famous classic rock band of all, Judas Priest, being relived by Priest Unleashed at The Groves Company Inn and at The Victoria, State of Quo, pay tribute to the blistering boogie rock of the Frantic Four’s 70s heyday.

Elsewhere, at The Coleview Community Centre you will find Vice Versa and their impressive array of indie-rock tunes from across the years, and party tunes abound with Bandantree at The Woodlands Edge and that groovesome twosome Metson at The High Street Club in Old Town.

If by Sunday you still need a musical fix, DAMM at The Kingsdown play an early evening set of modern hits, old favourites and aside order of cheese.