THE audience will have the time of their lives when An Evening of Dirty Dancing: The Tribute Show comes to the Wyvern Theatre.

Now in its fourth smash hit year, the show, at the Wyvern on September 14, is the original tribute to the greatest movie soundtrack of all time.

Watch all your favourite hits, including Big Girls Don’t Cry, Hey Baby and The Time of My Life performed live in this slickly choreographed treat.

Julian Essex-Spurrier, who plays Mickey, said: “It’s a celebration of the soundtrack performed live on stage with full choreography and live singing. It’s very interactive.

“We encourage the audience to interact straight away. We want them to get on their feet and join in and have a party.

“People come along and they are hyped for the soundtrack. It makes it a joy to perform. It’s quite an experience to be on stage when you’re getting so much energy back from the audience.”

Songs in the show also include Wipeout, Do You Love Me and Hungry Eyes.

“The audience are going to have a lot of fun – these songs are absolutely classic. We cover so many genres from the 50s to the 80s. They just don’t make tunes like that anymore.”

l An Evening of Dirty Dancing: The Tribute Show will be at the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon, on Sunday, September 14. For tickets, which are £19, visit or phone 01793 524481.