FOUR women accused of witchcraft are locked in the basement of a church, and await their fate.

Helpless and terrified, they face torture and death, at a time of bigotry and superstition.

The Unbinding is a powerful and intense exploration of the persecution faced by those accused of witchcraft.

Devised and performed by the Wrong Shoes Theatre Company, the play combines dialogue, physical performance and masks to explore the past stories and present emotions of the four women trapped in an intolerable situation.

The original music is composed by Gary Bamford, and the play is based on research into the witch trials of Wiltshire and further beyond.

Although the performance is set in the past, it resonates with timeless concerns about individuality, tolerance, persecution and the mob mentality.

Starring Louise Catherwood, Daniella Faircloth, Hannah Marquez, Rebecca Martin, and directed by Luke Marquez, the play will be taken to Edinburgh next summer.

“By researching and working with historical accounts of witch trials throughout Europe, we have created a piece that explores a world where those who dare to stand out from the crowd are treated with hatred and suspicion.

“What makes this story so powerful is that it could be set in any time period, the story seems as relevant today as it would have done 400 years ago.” said Luke Marquez, director of Wrong Shoes Theatre Company.

“Due to its content, the show may be uncomfortable watching for some, but after unearthing what thousands of women and men went through during the witch trials, we wanted to stay true to their experiences and also explore the folklore that surrounded their persecution.”

The Unbinding will be performed at the Shoebox Theatre at 8pm today and tomorrow.

Be warned it contains disturbing scenes, including those of a sexual nature, nudity, violence and strong language. It is suitable for ages 14 plus, and strobe lights are used.

Tickets are £10, available from