A MOTHER has thanked the emergency services who helped rescue her from her car after she was involved in a crash.

Sarah Ramruttun-Mulcock, 32, was turning right from Wharf Road into Kellsboro Avenue on a mini-roundabout in Wroughton last Friday, November 9, when her Vauxhall Astra was in collision with a Toyota Avensis.

The road was closed during the evening rush hour while emergency services worked to get Sarah out of her car and clear the scene, following the incident at about 4.10pm.

Sarah, a doctor, said: “I was going at about five or 10mph to turn right on the mini-roundabout.

“I could see there was a car on the approach coming from the opposite direction of Wharf Road.

“The next thing I knew both air bags went. I didn’t lose consciousness, but it was terrible. The pain was just immense.

“I want to give a big thanks to the paramedics and fire service. They had a brilliant manner and I could really feel they were there for me.”

Sarah’s mum, Nazma Ramruttun, of Covingham, said she and Sarah’s father drove to the scene after a phone call from their son-in-law saying Sarah had not come home that afternoon.

“When we got close I could hear a siren blaring and my heart was saying ‘it’s her, she’s been in an accident’. The road was closed so I got out of the car and ran. When I got there I felt like I was coing to collapse because I could see a bag that looked like a body bag.

“When I saw the car I was convinced she was gone. A police officer came over to me and told me she was all right and she was conscious and talking. In my head I just kept thinking she wasn’t okay.”

Crews put a collar and glasses on Sarah while they worked to get her out, and used a splint to remove her from the car.

Nazma said: “They took quite a long time to get her out, it felt like hours and hours.

“They kept reassuring me it needed to be done sensitively because she had hurt her neck.”

Sarah, of Wroughton, who has children seven months old and five years old, suffered whiplash and bruising.

She said the experience has shaken her up and she wants to warn people to be extra careful on mini-roundabouts.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said they are not taking any further action but this could be reviewed should more information become available.

Witnesses or anyone with information about the collision should phone Wiltshire Police on 101.