A WOMAN is appealing to the driver who crashed into her bike and caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to come forward.

Clare Danswan, 27, from Dixon Street, woke on Wednesday morning to find that her bike had been damaged by a car.

The Honda worker found her Yamaha Thundercat without a wing mirror or the the front fairing and windshield.

The damage is believed to cost around £400 to repair and the bike could have been a write-off had it not been picked up by one of Clare’s neighbours.

The car involved in the incident, which occurred at around 7.45am, is believed to be a silver Vauxhall Zafira according to witnesses.

Clare was surprised when she discovered the damage and found that no insurance details had been left, but after speaking to friends she discovered it was not unusual.

She said: “I was devastated when I saw the damage and I broke down.

“It is not just a vehicle for going from A to B. It is my pride and joy.

“I had to get to work that morning and I couldn’t ride it, and I couldn’t believe that no insurance details were left by the person who did this.

“I have worked it out and the damage that has been done will cost about £400, which is a lot of money.

“I just want people to leave their insurance details or contact details and take responsibility for what they have done. If my neighbours hadn’t picked the bike up then the engine could have flooded and it would have been a write-off.”

Anybody with any information about the incident should contact Wiltshire Police by calling 101 with the reference 54120103179.