FELLOW ‘Sherzi-boy’ Rylan Clarke has thrown his backing behind Jahmene Douglas to win the X Factor.

The new presenter of ITV’s Day Break show was performing at Bushwackers in Swindon on Thursday night after getting the boot from the show last weekend.

Jahmene and Rylan shared mentor Nicole Sherzinger during their time on the show and Rylan has said that he will have to pay a visit to Asda while he is in the town.

He said: “We’re the Sherzi-boys. Jahmene was like a little brother to me, he was such a nice guy in the competition.

“I’ve heard so much about Swindon from him, I will have to go to Asda tomorrow just for the crack.

“I am really glad to be able to come and perform in Swindon and see where he is from.

“I would like to see Jahmene win the competition.

“One of the Sherzi-boys had to win the competition, Nicole has broken records in the competition, getting three of us in the final, so I am 100 per cent behind Jahmene.”

A record number of people packed into Bushwackers in Fleet Street on Thursday night as the club hosted the X Factor star.

Rylan said: “The X Factor was an amazing experience and I was just so glad that i got so far in the competition and was able to experience what I have.

“There is a lot to come from Rylan, I am the new Day Break reporter so there is that, and then a lot more I can’t talk about right now. People have not seen the last of Rylan.”

X-Factor choreographer Aaron Renfree, who is also working on the dance numbers for this year’s panto at the Wyvern, has also sung the praises of the Swindon singer, despite his lack of dancing.

He said: “Jahmene is a great guy – really professional considering he’s never really sung on that scale before. “I haven’t worked with him that much because he doesn’t do that much dancing.

“It is tough for them because they are so busy – they have to do filming for Xtra Factor too so they just don’t stop. “They only get about 20 minutes with us to go through the routines a few times, then a rehearsal and then that’s it they are on the live shows.”

Jahmene will perform in the semi-finals of the show on ITV today at 8.20pm.

If he gets through to the final, he will be coming home to Swindon on Wednesday. Speculation is rising that he will turn on the Christmas lights on the same day at Wharf Green.