PHOTOGRAPHERS have snapped up a spot in the town centre for an exhibition.

About 30 members of Swindon Photographic Society have transformed an empty office in Station Square into a temporary gallery space with 285 prints.

The exhibition, which is called A Celebration of Swindon Photographers: Catch A Vision, will be open to the public on December 19 and January 16 from 3pm to 9pm.

Jessica Carey, director of exhibition organiser Lily and Myfanwy, said: “There has been an economic downturn with the recession and there is more office space available to let that is not being taken up.

“We are trying to bring arts communities together. While a building is occupied it raises its profile and stops it lying empty.”

The exhibition includes landscape, fauna and flora, portraits, and black and white photographs.

Malcolm Cole, art director at Swindon Photographic Society, said: “This opportunity has given us the biggest exhibition space we have ever had in the 100 years that the club has been going.

“We gave no restrictions at all to the photographers. We just said they needed to be mounted and we said we needed them for two months.”

Malcolm’s work in the exhibition includes a sky balloon which he photographed in Krakow.

John Day, programme secretary at Swindon Photographic Society, said: “One of the objectives was to try to share the type of photography you can do. There is such a range here, there will be something for everyone to like. Maybe it will make them want to go away and take more pictures themselves, which would be great.”

John’s work includes a photograph of a sheep, which is part of a series, a photograph of a storyteller at Big Arts Day and a piece called Bubbles over London which is a manipulated image of the London Eye.

Also featured in the exhibition is work by Jim Bullock, of Royal Wootton Basett, whose photographs includes an image of Scabia flowers and another of a red pepper.

Terry Walters, of Grange Park, has a photograph taken in Tenby in the exhibition, which includes reflections of the houses in water alongside a chain and buoys.

Photographs documenting the St Mary’s Church Lydiard Tregoze conservation appeal also feature.

People who want to see the exhibition need to book a free ticket in advance by emailing or call 07867 556 100.