NORTH Swindon police have thanked a switched-on resident who spooked a pair of hooded thieves last weekend.

The do-gooder reported two young men in hoodies after he spotted them coming out of a back garden in a Haydon End cul-de-sac in the early hours.

He confronted them to ask them what they were doing and they made up a story about looking for a lost dog, before they fled on bicycles empty-handed.

A spokesman for the neighbourhood policing team said: “Knowing that people look out for one-another in our streets is one of the best deterrents we have to stop criminals coming here.

“We’ve visited every home in the street and surrounding area to alert people, give advice and gather information about who's been seen around. The response we’ve had from residents has been great, with everyone happy to help.”

If you’re interested in setting up a Street Watch in your road email swindonnorthnpt