A CONVICTED robber who carried out a violent raid on a social club is among the troublemakers barred from pubs in Swindon, the Adver can reveal.

Dean McHugh is barred indefinitely from licensed premises in the east of the town that are participating in the Pubwatch scheme.

McHugh was shown relaxing with a can of beer on his Facebook page in a picture uploaded by his mother, Alison, while he was on remand last year awaiting sentencing for the raid on the Green Baize club in Park South.

The 19-year-old, shown without his hat on in a police custody picture, was jailed for four years in December.

The ban will last until he writes a letter to Pubwatch apologising for his behaviour, at which point the organisers can review the order.

During the raid, he and an accomplice beat a volunteer key holder.

McHugh, of Haydon End, was given 14 months for the robbery.

He also received six months for aggravated bodily assault carried out with another accomplice in York and 12 months for escaping custody.

While awaiting sentencing at Teesside Crown Court he was shown on his Facebook profile reclining on a chair and giving the thumbs-up while on remand for the crime.

The shot appeared underneath a banner reading “go hard or go home”, with a friend writing: “Free my Dawwwwwg!!!!!” Alison has defended her son, saying he had gone off the rails after his father, Joe, died in December 2009. She has insisted he was remorseful for his crime, despite his appearance in the picture.

Alison said yesterday: “I didn’t know he was in Pubwatch.

“I guess it was because of what happened, I’ve got nothing else to say.”

McHugh and an unknown accomplice raided the Baize, in Horsham Crescent, last July, threatening to stab a volunteer key holder who had locked up for the night before beating him and marching him back to the premises.

They made him open up the building before making off with £315 in cash.

McHugh then escaped from custody in March by jumping from his bedroom window as officers attempted to arrest him. He pleaded guilty to all the crimes at earlier hearings.

Ricky Cheesly, 23, also from Swindon, was given a 10-month suspended prison sentence for his part in the York assault.