THREE of Swindon’s drug dealers have been put behind bars.

Craig Gibbs, 28, of Whitworth Road, who burgled a family home just 48 hours before he was jailed for dealing hard drugs is back in prison, while Anthony Brown, 21, of County Road and Jordan Carty, 20, of no fixed abode, have been jailed after they set up a business selling heroin and crack on the streets.

Swindon Crown Court heard Gibbs not only stole thousands of pounds worth of electrical items but also took family heirlooms including war medals, a pocket watch and a signet ring.

And stored on the three computers which were taken were personal photographs belonging to the couple and their grown-up daughters.

He was jailed for a year in May last year for his part in a massive conspiracy to supply cocaine in Swindon.

Gibbs was on bail awaiting sentence, having been convicted following a trial, when he took part in the raid on the family home in Wroughton.

As a result the mum, a nurse, told how the family now feel “deeply upset” that a stranger had been in their bedrooms and taking items with great sentimental value.

Tessa Hingston, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court the break-in took place when the four-bed detached house was empty for an hour and a half at lunchtime.

Gibbs pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary.

Mike Pulsford, defending, said his client had been in the grip of a drug addiction at the time and also had a debt to pay off.

He said he had served the prison sentence for the drugs offence, being released in early November, and was now reconciled with his family.

Mr Pulsford urged the court to allow him to keep his liberty so he could continue to rehabilitate himself and get into work.

However, jailing him for two years, Judge Euan Ambrose said the offence was so serious that only an immediate custodial sentence could be justified.

In a separate case, Brown and Carty, who were part of the Breaker Network gang, will have to cough up less than a quarter of the money they made on the streets.

A judge at Swindon Crown Court ruled the pair, who were jailed last August, each profited from crime to the tune of £26,035.

But Brown will have to hand over £3,730 and Carty £2,695 – both sums being the cash police found on them when they were caught.

As a result of their arrest, the Breaker Network, which had been a major supplier of class A drugs in the town, was smashed.

The men ran the operation, selling up to 100 deals a day, from the Gorse Hill home of a hopeless drug addict.

Brown would assault the man with a baseball bat and threatened to rape his girlfriend and kill his child if he did not do as he was told.

As well as supplying direct to users, they also cut and packaged the drugs for themselves and other street level dealers to sell.

The pair, who each admitted two counts of conspiracy to supply drugs, were told they would get three months added to their sentences if the money was not handed over in 28 days.

Brown got five years after the court heard he ran the operation while his “first lieutenant” Carty got three years and eight months.