TWO brothers who are attempting to get the town’s music scene in tune are aiming to release their first vinyl by the summer.

Ben and David Aubrey launched Swindon’s first and only independent dubstep label from their town centre home in 2011 to support musicians and distribute their music internationally via digital channels such as iTunes and Amazon.

Now the pair, who are both DJs, are looking to take the next step in expanding the label by producing their first vinyl for regular release.

They have decided that the best way to achieve this is to crowdsource the funding via Kickstarter, a popular site to help projects like this to get off the ground, where people can make donations.

For everyone who helps they will send a signed, pre-release copy of the vinyl as well as a personal thanks from the artists involved.

Ben, 29, of Amber Court, said: “We have moved on quite a lot since we launched and we have worked with many local acts.

“We have been doing well with digital sales and getting our music out there but that does not bring in a lot of money so we are hoping to start selling vinyls to make some revenue.

“The kickstart website is a great way for small businesses to create some money to get a project off the ground, a lot of independent films use it.

“We have been asking the public for input on what we should release as a vinyl, so we thought why not get them involved in helping to fund our first vinyl.

“If we get this up and running then the sales from this will help us with the next release and hopefully it will snowball from there.”

The pair are finding success for some of their artists, getting them gigs at local venues and even selling some music.

“Getting the label set up was the easy bit but now we have to work hard to get the music out there,” said Ben.

“The biggest thing is getting the music out commercially to the big retailers like iTunes.”

“It is going really well though. We have got a bit of a buzz and got a few sales and we are lining up gigs for DJs so it is going well at the moment.

“We are wanting more people to get on board and create a music scene in Swindon.

“I think we have done it at the right time because a lot of the big labels are not taking on new artists at the moment so they are coming to smaller labels to get themselves off the ground.

“This is a community project and we need the help of the community to take the next step and then hopefully we will have the first vinyl releases in the summer.”

The pair have until May 1 to raise the funds. To find out more about the project visit www.

People can visit and email