FREE information packs are now available in supermarkets in Swindon to give people with Type 2 diabetes advice about the condition.

About 9,000 people in the town are estimated to have Type 2 diabetes, while a further 600 people are living with the condition but do not know it. Just 20.4 per cent of people in England with Type 2 diabetes currently have their condition under control, according to National Diabetes Audit statistics, which is one of the main reasons for the high rates of diabetes-related complications such as heart disease, amputation, kidney failure, blindness and stroke.

The information packs, which will be available in the Tesco Metro and Extra stores to coincide with Diabetes Week, include sections on medication, the care to expect, maintaining a balanced diet, information on food labelling, alcohol, eating out, weight management, physical activity, pregnancy, travel and work and details of possible health complications.

The joint initiative by Diabetes UK and Tesco is part of the two organisations’ National Charity Partnership, which aims to raise £10m for people who have diabetes or are at risk of developing it.

The packs will be available at store entrances and customer services desks until June 16, to coincide with the end of Diabetes Week, and will continue to be available from Tesco pharmacies.

Graham Cooper, regional manager for Diabetes UK in the South West, said: “Thousands of people in Swindon have Type 2 diabetes, yet we see that so many of these people are not achieving their targets for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose. Everyone with Type 2 diabetes should have all of the information they need to manage their condition well and look after their overall health. “This is why our initiative with Tesco can make a real difference.”

The Diabetes UK Swindon Voluntary Group welcomed the launch of the information packs.

Swindon Voluntary Group secretary Matthew Spencer said: “I know from members of our group with Type 2 diabetes that it can be a daunting time when you are first trying to find out the best way to manage your diabetes and stay healthy.

“The packs in Tesco will help those affected by Type 2 diabetes get the right advice on diet and treatment.

“Anyone with diabetes, their friends and families, can also join our thriving voluntary group, which seeks to provide expert advice and support from those in a similar situation.”

For more information, contact Careline on 0845 120 2960, email or visit