OUR bloggers have been busy of late uploading their musings to our website.

And there is something to interest everyone, from Swindon’s public art to walking and the summer holidays to views on STFC.

Here are a couple of extracts from Born Again Swindonian’s blog.

If you want to read the blogs in full, and check out those by other contributors, click here.

West Swindon sculpture walk - Part 1: Hands up. Who knew there was such an entity as the West Swindon sculpture walk? No? Me neither. I only discovered it when rooting about the internet for info for this blog. In the course of my research I came across a map and PDF giving some blurb about the sculptures. How interesting I thought. And how cool it would be to do the walk and see how many exist and write about it.

As I can only just about find my home from the town centre I put my friend, Kim, in charge of the map and appointed myself curator of the blurb. First on the schedule is the statue of Diana Dors at Shaw Ridge leisure complex.

Obviously I’d seen this one before but together Kim and I spent time studying and discussing it. We decided that it’s clearly fitting that she is immortalised outside a cinema. It’s fitting also that it’s larger than life – as she most certainly was.”

Ten things I like about Swindon No 4: The Great Blondinis: “I really, really miss The Great Blondinis. A sculpture/statue of them used to reside in Wharf Green and I loved it.

It was bright and colourful and didn’t half brighten up a dull day – and we get enough of those.

I get that Wharf Green needed rejuvenating and, after initial cynicism, really love the big screen. I’ve enjoyed several fabulous evenings down there watching live streaming of opera and ballet – fantastic!

How cool is it to have that facility in Swindon? But why did we have to lose the Blondinis?”

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