POO, snot, blood and guts... no, not a typical Saturday night in downtown Swindon, but an educational theatre show with a gruesomely gory recipe designed to delight little boys and girls everywhere .

Picking up on the success of the Horrible Histories phenomenon, Horrible Science aims to impart a knowledge of geeky scientific facts in primary age youngsters through the medium of comedy.

The producers know just what appeals to kids of a certain age – bodily functions, and all their associated squelches, sound effects and smells.

And so we had a giant 3D poo floating through the air towards us to demonstrate how particles of faecal matter fly out of the toilet with every flush, and hence the importance of hygiene.

Then there was the seven-metre long bloody intestine stretched out across the stage to show how the bones of the skeleton protect our organs.

Human-sized bacteria burped their way through the contents of a rubbish bin to illustrate how germs can multiply into millions in just a few hours, and of course, there was a noisy demonstration of how methane gas produced by the body can be used as an energy source. Where would any form of children’s entertainment be without a fart gag or two?

This was a show that appealed on so many levels: the children giggling in the audience had a blast, and went home with their brains slightly more stuffed with facts, whether they liked it or not. And the grown-ups went home smiling too, safe in the knowledge that the price of the ticket was money well spent.