Last night’s heavy storms have caused major disruption to Wiltshire’s roads, with rural routes around Melksham and Bradford on Avon particularly badly affected.

Many roads have been closed, while rail services through Westbury, Trowbridge and Melksham are reporting extensive delays and cancellations.

Wiltshire Police are currently reporting 20 incidents across the county, with this number expected to rise.

Power cuts have also been reported across the county, with Southern Electric working to restore supply.

A spokesperson said: “Our engineers are currently accessing the problems and we are trying our best to restore power to those affected as quickly as possible.”

Residents of Bath Road in Bradford on Avon were greeted with rising floodwaters during rush hour traffic last night.

A fire crew from Bradford on Avon were called out at 5.45pm to pump away the water and were joined by crews from Corsham, Trowbridge and Melksham throughout the evening. A high-volume pump from Nailsea also attended to assist with the pumping.

Sean Gerrish, watch manager at Bradford on Avon, said: “The ground was so saturated it was coming off the fields.”

The Bradford on Avon crew was relieved at 11pm, and Mr Gerrish added: “Allow plenty of time for your journey, listen to the local radio, and if you are in any doubts regarding water, don’t go through it as you may get yourself stranded.”

In Studley Rise, Trowbridge, last night, a tree was blown over by the powerful winds crushing garden fences spanning three homes. Wiltshire Council is currently dealing with the problem.

Resident Janet Veal said: “All the fences are match wood now, it happened just before we were going to bed.

"We are pensioners and it absolutely terrified us. It just missed the conservatory of neighbours and thank God nobody was out in the gardens when the tree fell over.

“This really isn’t what we needed just before Christmas.”

In Melksham, the A365 Bath Road at Shurnhold is closed between the junction of the A350 Beanacre Road and the junction of Dunch Lane.

Sandridge Hill is closed, as is the B3353 between Gastard and Whitley.

In Bradford on Avon the B3108 has been closed by a fallen tree by Winsley and the junction of Downs View, while Holt is also severely flooded.

Road blocks are also in place at Staverton at the B3107 Holt Road.

For a full list of current closures across the county visit, or check @WiltshireRoads on Twitter.