WHILE some are only just beginning to consider shedding those lingering Christmas pounds, health manager Corrina Sheridan is celebrating a weight loss of 28lbs in the name of charity.

The 51-year-old, who has fluctuated in weight and attempted many diets throughout her adult life, took the drastic decision to lose two stone over the summer, giving herself just 20 weeks to achieve her goal.

She also managed to raise £250 for Prospect Hospice, where she is in charge of health and safety, in the process.

“I had already lost a bit of weight, and then I decided that I could do some real good through it, and I asked people to sponsor me,” said Corrina, from Devizes.

“So far, I have raised £233 for Prospect Hospice.

“I signed up for a local Weight Watchers group, and that helped. I’ve tackled my weight with a friend, so if there was ever a time when I was tempted to eat something that wasn’t good for me, we would call or text each other.

“I was so determined to do it for Prospect. My mother had a stroke in 2007 and we’ve been lucky in that she is quite mobile.

My father has Alzheimer’s and I’m aware that there may be a time when they need Prospect.”

Now more than two stone lighter, Corrina has her mind set on losing even more weight in 2014.

“I’m proud to say that I’m now just overweight,” she added. “I was in the clinically obese category before. My clothes all fit, and I feel really well and healthy.

“I still have another three stone to lose to get into my normal BMI. My intention is to be there by next Christmas.”

To support Corrina’s fundraising visit www.justgiving.com/Corrina-Sheridan To find out how to help Prospect Hospice visit www.prospect-hospice.net