STUDENTS at the Liberatus School of Performing Arts were given the opportunity to shine in front of a prestigious management company last week.

Now, 95 per cent of the school’s third year students have been invited to private auditions which could see them fixed with agents and work before they have completed their studies.

The school, based in the Isis Trading Estate, is a rival to many top London performing arts schools, and offers a range of classes from jazz to ballet to singing and contemporary performing arts.

The principal of the school, Voyd, who worked with Arlene Philips, a former judge on BBC One show Strictly Come Dancing, was delighted with her students’ achievements.

The 52-year-old said: “I just think it’s amazing for them. I am so proud of them because they have worked so hard because it’s such a difficult life.

“We start at 8am and we work until around 7pm and all the time everybody is doing something.”

The school prides itself on being different to other dance schools by focusing on making every effort to find work for its students work before they leave.

Voyd’s connection in the showbiz industry has been instrumental in supporting students to achieving their goals to this end.

She said: “It’s also something great for Swindon because we’re probably the only school in the south west receiving this recognition from top agents and managing companies.

“Parents want to know after they have spent their money on training that their child will find work in the industry, so it’s great to be able to use my connections to help them into work.”

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Liberatus Dance School performers show the range and versatility of their talents during the choreographers’ visit

A representative from the management company came for the day last week to view the third year students as well as meet students from other years.

Voyd hopes it is the beginning of a valuable relationship between the school and the management company.

She said: “They were so generous with their time and they said the talent coming out of the school was amazing.

“They really loved the performances and lots of them are going on for private auditions.”

Students hoping to make a life in the showbiz industry and thinking about training with the Liberatus School of Performing Arts can go to an open day on March 7.

For more information, call the school on 07825 248203 or 01793 521425 or email or visit