WILTSHIRE Police have hit back at claims made by the former Brunel Room’s management, stating it was their duty to make sure licensed premises are run responsibly.

Superintendent Gavin Williams said: “Essentially we support the responsible sale of alcohol.

“Clearly, from our perspective, we need to ensure that those who go out in Swindon or anywhere else are safe. But that where we have concerns about either the irresponsible sale of alcohol or the irresponsible running of premises then we will bring them to the attention of the relevant authorities.

“Overall, my view is that we are walking a fine line, we can’t and won’t tolerate violence.

“Where adults go into clubs and drink too much alcohol, or premises are poorly run, it can have a detrimental impact on the surrounding community and surrounding businesses, “And in fact, I don’t think there’s anybody in Swindon who wants that to happen.”

  • We would like to point out that this response from Wiltshire Police should have appeared in yesterday’s Adver, however, due to a technical error, this was not the case. We would like to apologise for this error.