PEOPLE are being invited to get their skates on with Swindon Roller Derby. Roller Derby is a fast-paced roller skating based sport and requires athletes to master a whole new level of skill.

Each game, known as a bout, sees teams of players, known as blockers and jammers, racing around the hall scoring points. Founder of the team, Hayley Jackson, whose skating name is Sweet Mary Hell, created the original all girl group The Rail Road Rebels back in 2010.

The group, now known as Swindon Roller Derby, has expanded into a co-ed flat track roller derby league, meaning boys are as welcome as girls. Everyone trains together and there is a competitive nature in every bout. All training is currently held at Futsal in Kembrey Park on Sunday afternoons from 4pm to 6pm.

Hayley said: “You must be over 18 but you don’t need any previous skating experience. Our experienced coaches will teach you everything you need to know, from skating, to stopping, to delivering those all important hip blocks.”

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