DEVASTATED parents Paul and Anne Sinfield are appealing for the return of cherished keepsakes of their daughter after burglars stole them in a raid on their home.

The couple, who live in a mobile home on the Church Park Estate in Bradenstoke, near Royal Wootton Bassett, returned home on Tuesday after a holiday in Hertfordshire to find their bedroom window open and muddy footprints on their bed.

The raiders had broken a latch on a rear window to get in.

The couple were horrified to find they had taken their daughter Karen’s hospital ID tag and butterfly necklace.

Karen, who would have been 40 this year, died when she was eight after a cancer tumour was discovered in her spleen.

Mrs Sinfield said: “We used to call her the family peacemaker because she never argued or quarelled with anyone.

“She always used to calm things down and she was so brave when she was ill. Her things were in a little pink drawstring bag. I know it sounds silly, but her things were more important to me than anything.

“Its little things like that, that you can’t bring back.”

Mrs Sinfield, 63, and Mr Sinfield, 67, moved to Bradenstoke a year ago from a village near Swansea.

The pair used to work for social services.

The burglars took at least 24 brooches from Mrs Sinfield’s collection, as well as cufflinks, pearls and earrings.

They also took a gold watch engraved with the name of Mr Sinfield’s brother Fred, who died two years ago after suffering from breast cancer.

Mrs Sinfield said: “They had taken a pillowcase off the bed, obviously they had thrown things in.

“They hadn’t looked to see what they had taken, they had just taken everything.

“I don’t feel angry, I just feel sick. Why don’t they just respect people’s homes and belongings? What gives them the right to take things at random?

“I just hope that someone will find my little bits and pieces.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to call them on 101.