STAY-at-home dad Arron Selter is planning to walk for 24 hours continuously to raise money for victims of the floods.

The 30-year-old from Park North decided to take on the challenge after hearing about the damage and devastation caused by the floods during the past few months.

Now, he is hoping to get sponsorship to help him do the challenge and raise vital funds for people whose lives have been torn apart by the floods.

He said: “I’m a strong believer that charity starts at home and you need to think about how you can help people close to you. It seems that although there’s lots of support out there for people in Rwanda and Uganda, there isn’t much for people in the UK.

“I had an argument on Facebook with someone I know about it all, and he asked me why I don’t do something about it?

“So I thought about the last time I did anything for charity at home and I decided it was time.”

“With all the damage and destruction caused by the floods I thought that was something I could raise money for, but there wasn’t anything in particular I could raise money for in Wiltshire.

“The nearest relief effort is with the Somerset Community Foundation, which is working to help people in Somerset, but it goes into Wiltshire a bit so is also helping Wiltshire people.

“It’s just a chance to give something back and help people close to home.”

On April 5, Arron plans to walk as far as he can on a treadmill in Kiss Gyms in Princes Street in a straight 24-hour period. He hopes he will walk a minimum of 55 miles in that time to raise money for the people devastated in the floods.

He said: “I do a lot of walking anyway and I’d say I already walk at least 10 miles a day, just walking into town and back and running around after the kids.

“It’s not the first time I’ve done something like this, but it has been about 12 years since I did anything.

“I did walk across Dartmoor, the first day for 18 miles and the next day for 12 miles.

“I’m just going to go as far as I can.”

Arron hopes to raise around £1,000 for the appeal.

For more information or to donate to his cause, visit Arron’s Just Giving page at

Alternatively visit his Facebook page for more on the challenge at